BAY FLIGHT 2019 is currently accepting presentation proposals for the October 26th conference.

The event brings San Francisco Bay Area pilots, aviation professionals, and educators together for a day of learning and knowledge sharing, including a keynote presentation, break-out seminar sessions, lunch, an ATC and pilot communication panel, and an afternoon reception.

Presentations from last year included “What’s New with ForeFlight”, “Engine-Out IFR,” “Bay Area Weather,” “The Emergence of Electric Aircraft,” and more. There are educational seminars, as well as presentations on hot topics, so participants can learn more about issues and technologies that will impact their flying in the near future. The audience is comprised of 150 Bay Area flight instructors, aircraft owners and renters, students, and private pilots with various levels of experience.

Presentations last sixty minutes. The venue has computers, microphones, and projectors, but presenters are welcome to bring handouts and demonstrational materials at their discretion.

We have most of the seventeen presentations currently filled. We hope to select presenters who are passionate about their topic, and who can deliver engaging and informative seminars to a dynamic audience. If you or someone you know has a subject that Bay Area pilots need to hear about, please submit a presentation proposal for BAY FLIGHT 2019.

Proposals should include the title, topic area, presenter’s name and background, and why you believe this topic should be presented to Bay Area pilots. Proposals should inform us of any cost of reimbursements (fuel, overnight fees, etc) needed for travel to the event, if any. If you have any questions, please send them our way, as well.

Thank you, and we look forward to learning about what you bring to the table.